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Practice Areas: Family, General, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Psych, Internal Med

Specialists: Yes; up to 20 specialists may be awarded waivers once all primary care needs are met.

Application Review: Hospitals in the Alabama State Rural Health Plan and Alabama employers in non-Metropolitan Statistical areas can submit applications for sub-specialists on the first work day of October; Other Alabama sub-specialist employers can submit applications the first Monday of the first full work week the following January until all spaces are filled.

Notes: The State-30 program may now be used at the applicant's discretion. Employer contracts cannot contain non-compete clauses, must include a specified liquid damages clause, and must incorporate all the terms and conditions of the Alabama Waiver Program. Alabama Department of Public Health’s roles are to establish policies and procedures in coordination with appropriate health authorities, review and processing of waiver applications and monitoring compliance with the program.

Contact: Charles (Chuck) Lail, MBA
Director, Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
Alabama Department of Public Health
(334) 206-5438

E-mail: chuck.lail@adph.state.al.us
Can contact through website’s message system

Website: www.alabamapublichealth.gov/ruralhealth/j1visa.html

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