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Practice Areas: Primary Care (family medicine, internal medicine, general pediatrics, OB/GYN), Psychiatry, and Specialists.

Physicians must work at a medical facility that is located in a Primary Care HPSA (for primary care and specialists) or a Mental Health HPSA (for psychiatrists)

Specialists: Yes; they can be located in urban or rural areas

Application Review: we accept applications during October of each calendar year for physicians who will begin working in July of the following year.

For applicants who apply using a Flex Waiver, the medical facility where the physician will work must document that at least 51% of the patients the J-1 physician will see come from HPSA(s).

We initially reserve the following categories: 13 slots for primary care (7 for urban/6 for rural), 4 psychiatrists for rural areas, and 13 for specialists. If we have less than 30 applications in October, we will re-open the application opportunity in January.

Notes: Once a waiver is approved and the physician is working at the medical facility, we require semi-annual documentation from the facility that the physician is working full-time in the area / specialty referenced in the application.
New this year, Illinois requires a $3,000 application processing fee. The fee payment must accompany the application. If the fee is not included, the application is voided. Fee payment is not refundable.

Contact: Donald Jones
Manager - Health Professional Resource Section
Center for Rural Health
Office of Policy, Planning and Statistics
535 West Jefferson Street, Ground Floor
Springfield, IL 62761-0001

Phone: (217) 782-1624
Fax: (217) 782-2547 Fax

E-mail: don.jones@illinois.gov

Website: www.dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/forms/application-090116.pdf

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