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Practice Areas: Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN and Psychiatry

Specialists: Yes; it is a first come-first program and the need for a specialist must be well documented.

Application Review: Applications accepted starting September 1. Applications received before that date will be returned. The first 30 complete and eligible applications will be considered for recommendation.

Notes: Applications must include the $3000 fee. Applications that are not recommended will have the fee returned; there is a partial refund if the application is withdrawn. Additionally, applicants must include between four (4) and six (6) letter of community support. Texas will consider applications for Flex spots only for the State Mental Hospitals and State Supported Living Centers.

Contact: Clay Daniel
Texas Primary Care Office
J-1 Mail Code 1937
Texas Department of State Health Services
1100 West 49th Street M633a
Austin, Texas  

Phone: 512-776-7518 

E-mail: clay.daniel@dshs.texas.gov

Website: www.dshs.texas.gov/chpr/j1info.shtm

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